Tohfat-UL-Ta'eibeen Sindhi PDF Book

Book:- Tohfat-UL-Ta'eibeen Sindhi

Author:- Hazrat Allamah Shaykhul Hadees Makhdum Muhammad Hashim Thattvi Alayhir Rahmah


Makhdoom Muhammad Hashim Thattvi was one of the greatest scholars in Sindh. He 

was a great jurist, a poet, an academician, a researcher, a Muhaddith 

and a Mufassir, and authored hundreds of books and articles many of whom

have been lost. Many of his surviving books and articles are not 

published and manuscripts are available in historical and personal 


He was born on 10 Rabi’ al-Awwal 1104 A.H. in Bathoro 

(بٺورو), a town in the Thatta district of Sindh, and died on 6 Rajab 

1174 A.H. He is buried in the famous graveyard of Makli near Thatta.


He received his basic education from his father Makhdoom Abdul Ghafoor, 

and then learned from famous scholars of Sindh. In 1135 AH he want for 

Hajj and remained in Haramain for two years. There, he studied with some

of the great scholars of the time. Some of his teachers include:

1:- Makhdoom Muhammad Saeed Thattvi (Thatta)

2:- Makhdoom Zia’uddin Thattvi (Thatta)

3:- Shaykh Abdul Qadir bin Abu Bakr Siddiqi Hanafi Makki, Mufti of Makkah al-Mukarramah (d. 1138 AH)

4:- Shaykh Eid bin Ali Misri al-Shafi’i al-Azhari (d. 1140 AH)

5:- Shaykh Abu Tahir Muhammad bin Ibrahim Madani (d. 1145 AH). He was also the teacher of Shah Waliullah Dehlavi.

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